Mike Brown gets the boot


On a certain forum, there was a certain line that really caught my eye and made me perform a facepalm Captain Picard himself would be proud of. “Jeremy Lin isn’t that good. Darius Morris is better than him.” Wow, are you kidding me? There was a quick response that laid the smackdown on that argument, which was that he tangoed with the #1 pick John Wall and made the talented point guard look mediocre.

Let’s move on to the meat of the sandwich, namely the recent firing of Lakers coach Mike “The Clown” Brown. “Mr. Potato Head” finally lost the trust and patience of the organization and the fans after his dismal start and questionable strategies and rotations. Now, the question looms: Who will be the new driver of the highly potent but as of yet properly harnessed F1 car that is the Lakers.

A few names have been thrown around such as Mike Dunleavy, Jerry Sloan, and Mike D’Antoni. The only one I would fully back would be Jerry Sloan, but that brings up the next development. The Lakers have officially reached out to the Zen Master himself, and it is being widely reported that Phil Jackson will very likely return to his old squad. As it was reported that Mike Dunelavy will be one of the frontrunners if PJax denies, I’m praying to god that Jackson returns and rights the ship with his arcane Zen powers.

By the way, Shaq’s whining and bashing of player is getting really old. First he claims Brook Lopez is better than Dwight Howard, now DeAndre Jordan? No one’s going to deny that he will go down as one of the top centers to ever play the game, but man the guy has completely lost any credibility with these constant jabs at our new center. DeAndre Jordan? This guy has no skills whatsoever; he’s just athletic as hell. He’s got no post moves, no passing skills. Shaq has officially lost his mind or he’s just insanely jealous that he isn’t the 300+ pound center of attention that he used to be.

Another source of interest is the recent reports that the Sixers organization has been denying requests for updates on their newly acquired All Star center Andrew Bynum. Really makes you wonder if his career is done. If so, that’s a damn shame because the guy had the tools to be great. Unfortunately, when you’re that big, injuries tend to follow as many former big men can attest to having their careers curtailed due to nagging conditions.

-Daniel Kang


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