Purple and Gold All Day, Everyday.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.



The NBA 2012-2013 season is officially upon us. To my dismay, I am stuck in my miniature cubicle in my office in the Gangnam-style district of South Korea. I’m forced to refrain from using Facebook as many of my friends have already begun posting about the Lakers. That’s my job, you bastards. But seriously, stop spoiling the games for me.

Unfortunately, basketball is not all that big out here in Korea but with a bit of luck and exposure I am hoping to change that. Watching a Korean Basketball League match is like watching a pickup game between average ballers at your local park. It’s not very exciting when you can pull off all the moves and techniques that are unfolding in front of your very eyes.

My former co-worker/basketball aficionado Inwoo Lee and I will be doing our best to provide updated insights and opinions regarding the Lakers and Jeremy Lin. Hopefully we can add some other aspects of NBA into the corner as well, but as aforementioned our main focus will be on the Lakers and the Asian Sensation known as Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin. If you have no knowledge of the Harvard prodigy turned underdog story of a lifetime, you’ve clearly stumbled onto the wrong blog. Or check out clips of him going mano a mano with Kentucky’s John Wall, the #1 pick of the year. Jokes aside, feel free to stick around and enjoy the tidbits of info we will be dropping around here.

Claiming a whopping 17 NBA champions since their inception as the Minneapolis Lakers back in 1947 stemming from the state’s nickname of “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, this esteemed flagship of the NBA has been hosting games at venues such as the Minneapolis Auditorium, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, The Great Western Forum, and ending up in the Staples Center. I have been a die-hard Laker fan rocking the purple and gold since the early 90’s which will always have a special place in my basketball blood pumping heart. If you flashback to 1998, that year’s All Star game featured four Lakers in Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Nick Van Exel, and Eddie Jones. I’ll never forget the calls and “chickisms” honed by legendary Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn.

Anyways, enough old school talk (at least for a guy my age). We’re here to talk about the current Lakers, who are freshly outfitted with the acquisitions of Steve “Hair Canada” Nash” and Dwight “Superman D12 Howard. To say the Lakers have stratospheric expectations from the fans would be an understatement. After the “Dwightmare” and the Bynum saga, the dust has cleared and the two centers were finally swapped to confirm speculations that began swirling some years back. Now I’m hearing Lebron may be a Laker in 2014, haha that’s a good one. It’s great to know that we will have a charismatic talent in Howard to carry the purple and gold torch after the Mamba finally decides to hang em’ up. It goes without saying that Laker fans worldwide are dreading that day where the Lake Show faithful will be in mourning, much like when Magic Johnson issued his official retirement announcement due to contracting the AIDS virus.

Well, it appears as though the season opener between the Lakers and the Mavs has come to a close judging by the plethora of comments that I’m ignoring as I check my facebook. As soon as I manage to catch the game, I will post my thoughts regarding first thoughts and impressions about the team. I should really invest in NBA League Pass. Anyways, I’ll get back to you guys soon.

-Daniel Kang


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